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Hoosier Hills Credit Union is excited to have partnered with Member Loyalty Group and Satmetrix to conduct ongoing independent surveys on how we are doing as your financial partner. Emails and survey links will come from We’ll choose random members each month to take the survey as part of our ongoing service commitment to our members.


We have already begun the process of addressing member feedback and have exciting future initiatives underway to make your banking experience even more convenient.



We are currently developing a new website with even more resources to help you make the most of your financial life. Thank you to the many people who participated in our web survey in January. Your input helps us make sure we build a site that is Better for You! We expect the new website to launch in the third quarter of this year.


Many of our January survey respondents asked for additional capabilities for Bill Pay within mobile banking, and we are excited to let you know we’ve already delivered on many of your requests! Users of the mobile app can now set up scheduled and automatic payments, view payment history, enter memos, edit and delete payees and set up, view, manage and pay eBills. Learn more at




Do you have a fingerprint login or biometric mobile log-in option?

Yes! If you have a touch-enabled phone you can log in with your fingerprint. Follow the instructions on the Hoosier Hills Credit Union app to register your individual fingerprint to quickly login on your device.


How do I deposit a check with my phone?

Using the mobile app, you can remotely deposit checks with your phone’s camera. Choose the “Check Deposit” option within the mobile app. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete your remote deposit.


The maximum amount allowed is $1,500 per check, $1,500 per day, and $5,000 per month. Make sure to endorse the back of the check along with the phrase “For HHCU Mobile Deposit Only.” See or more detailed information.


I’d like to have a tool to help me budget.

Great news! The Money Management tool within online and mobile banking can automatically generate charts and graphs to easily track your spending. You can also use the tool to set and track goals. Best of all…it’s completely free! Learn more here:


Where can I find the Hoosier Hills Credit Union routing number?

Our routing number is 283977633. For your convenience we have placed the Hoosier Hills Credit Union routing on the home page at Scroll to the bottom of the screen and find the number in the lower left corner on your computer and lower middle via mobile.


When can I expect Bill Pay payments to be received?

When scheduling payments, please remember receipt of payments by the payee may take up to three business days for an electronic payee and five business days if the payee is paid by check. When scheduling, look at the ‘Deliver By’ date to help you plan your payments.


Why is mobile and online banking sometimes unavailable?

For the security of your accounts, Hoosier Hills Credit Union performs consistent maintenance to our system. During these times, usually late or overnight, account information will be temporarily unavailable. We post our schedule of upcoming maintenance here for your convenience:



I love your online banking. So simple and easy to use.

I like banking at HHCU. If I need to go in everyone is very friendly and courteous.

I have only been with HHCU for a short while. Best thing I ever did...I love banking with HHCU! 

I appreciate the friendly and helpful customer service that I receive when I call


Do you have feedback for Hoosier Hills Credit Union?

We are always interested in hearing from our members! If you have not received a survey request by email, but you’d like to share your experience, you can let us know anytime! Email us at

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