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Member Success Stories

We are dedicated to the success of our members. Because we are a credit union, a financial cooperative, each of our individual successes strengthens all of us! We'd like to take a moment to celebrate some of our most recent Member Success Stories.

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What They Saved: $1,974.70 per year

How They Did It: Transferred a 19.15% credit card rate balance to a 7.9% APR Visa® Platinum* at Hoosier Hills


What They Saved: $1,255.08 per year

How They Did It: Cut interest in half by transferring a balance to a Visa credit card from Hoosier Hills Credit Union


What They Saved: $1,666.50 per year

How They Did It: Transferred current credit card balance to an HHCU Visa


Do you have your own Member Success Story to add? We'd love to celebrate it! Let us know at

*7.9% APR is valid for new purchases, balance transfers and cash advances on personal HHCU Visa Platinum credit cards as of 2/2/18. All loans subject to qualifications standards. 

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