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FREE Checking + Cash Back

Earn interest and get cash back with a Hoosier Hills FREE Checking Account

At Hoosier Hills Credit Union, FREE Checking is our only checking!

Now with our Purchase Rewards program you can earn cash back on purchases from participating retailers. Want to earn interest on your checking account balances? Simply maintain a minimum balance of $1,000 in your account.

  1. No monthly fees. Our FREE Checking Account is truly free. There is never a monthly maintenance fee, regardless of your monthly balance or usage. No tricks or gimmicks.
  2. Earn interest. Want to earn interest on your checking account balances? Simply maintain a minimum balance of $1,000 in your account. Don't worry, if you fall below the balance, there is still no monthly fee for the account and you'll have the opportunity to earn interest the following month.
  3. Optional Debit Rewards. You can earn cash back on your debit card purchases simply by activating your cash back offers from participating retailers within online banking. Your cash back purchase rewards will be deposited right into your account at the end of the month.
  4. Convenient and Online. We have several tools to help manage your account on-the-go and plan for your future.

Join Buzz Points 

A FREE rewards program for your HHCU debit card!

  • Earn points everywhere you use your enrolled card.
  • Shop local for twice the points and greater rewards. 
  • Redeem your points for local, national or charitable rewards. 

It's fast, FREE, and Easy to Enroll!

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One app to control all your debit and credit cards.

Our new CardValet® app lets you control all of your credit and debit cards. Save time and gain peace of mind knowing you can control the cards in your wallet with your phone in your pocket. 

  • Get real-time notifications when your card is used. 
  • Restrict transactions to a certain area using your phone's GPS.
  • Set security preferences to match your spending habits for every credit and debit card. 
  • Set spending limits for every transaction. 
  • Enable or disable your cards to be used within certain merchant categories such as gas and groceries, hotel and travel. 
  • Lock and unlock cards with a few taps on your smartphone. 

How to sign up:

Download CardValet from Google Play™ or the App Store to:

  • Turn your debit and credit cards on or off from your smartphones
  • Sign up for alerts based on transaction amount, location, merchant type, etc.
  • Set limits for spending - great for parents or employers
  • And set other features

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For more information you can visit

Purchase Rewards

Turn Everyday Purchases into Cash!Free Checking Cash Back Purchase Rewards

How it works:
Simply click on the offers to activate them, shop using your debit card, and enjoy the savings!

Click – to activate exclusive cash back offers at the types of places you like to shop.
Shop – online or in store to redeem your offers by paying with your debit card.
Enjoy – cash back – deposited right into your account at the end of the month.

Saving Real Money Just Got Real Easy.

Log in to your online banking account to start claiming your offers today!


Overdraft Coverage Options

Overdraft Protection services apply to all types of transactions and may help protect your account from being overdrawn by automatically transferring funds to your checking account from another account or line of credit you may have at Hoosier Hills Credit Union, for a fee or finance charge. Please note that cash advances and overdraft lines of credit are subject to credit approval.

Overdraft Privilege allows you to overdraw your account up to the disclosed limit for a fee in order to pay a transaction. Hoosier Hills Credit Union may provide you a specific Overdraft Privilege limit depending on the type of account you have. Even if you have overdraft protection, such as a transfer from another account, Overdraft Privilege is still available as secondary coverage if the other protection sources are exhausted. Please be aware that the Overdraft Privilege amount is not included in your balance provided through online banking, telephone banking or Hoosier Hills Credit Union ATMs.


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Click here to enroll in Overdraft Privilege Extended Coverage

*Accounts will be charged the standard Overdraft fee of $33.00 for handling each overdraft created by check, ACH, Point-of-Sale, ATM withdrawal, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic item that is paid and $33.00 for items returned.  If your account balance remains overdrawn for longer than 30 days, the account will be charged an additional fee of $33.00.  An overdrawn balance must be repaid within 32 days.  We may not pay items under your Overdraft Privilege if you do not maintain your account in good standing by bringing your account to a positive balance within every thirty-two (32) day period for a minimum of 24 hours, if you default on any loan or other obligation to Hoosier Hills Credit Union or if your account is subject to any legal or administrative order or levy.




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