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Putting money in a piggy bag

Savings Accounts

Your financial health is important to us at HHCU. That’s why we automatically open a Savings Account with any account you open with us - to help you build your own financial nest egg.

All members have access to a free savings account. We make saving extra easy with our free savings plans. Let us help you save for any goal or just to build a little cushion to protect your finances during unforeseen expenses. We can make savings automatic each month by:

  • Payroll deduction
  • Automatic transfers
  • Online transfers
  • No minimum balance requirement (other than their $5 membership share).
Saving is easy at HHCU. Let us be your savings guide

Savings Accounts for Youths 

We don't believe that the benefits of HHCU membership should be limited strictly to adults. It's never too young to start good financial habits. Our Youth Savings Account is a completely fee free account for youth ages 18 and younger. We'll even set up a savings plan to include automatic deposit from your account if you want to give your kids or grandkids a little head start.

  • No check cashing fee
  • No dormant account fee
  • No minimum balance requirement (other than their $5 membership share).

Club Accounts 

Have more than one saving goal in mind?  For members who want an option to save money while keeping it separate from everyday funds, we offer club accounts. Club accounts are separate savings accounts allowing you to organize your saving for any need or want you may have. You can have as many savings accounts as you need at HHCU. In fact, we'll even let you name the accounts whatever you wish to keep better track of your savings goals. Save for your kids, vacation, wedding, property taxes, first car – you name it, we'll make it easy and automatic.

Christmas Club Savings

The Holiday Season is a wonderful time of year for giving and spending a little more to enjoy life. By opening a free Christmas Club Account, you can help alleviate holiday debt and plan year-round for a financially stress-free occasion. Save however much you wish to meet your needs, automatically. We'll keep your Holiday savings safely away in this special account and automatically deposit it in your regular savings in early November, leaving plenty of time for your Holiday planning and purchases.

Vacation Club Savings

Have a vacation in mind you would like to save for? Simply add to your vacation club account each payday and watch your savings grow. While you're saving, your deposits are earning dividends. And because the funds are separate from your regular savings account, you'll be less tempted to spend the money on non-related expenses.

Money Market Accounts

If you’ve built up your nest egg and are looking for a savings account with a higher return, then consider opening a Money Market Account.

The minimum balance to earn dividends is $2,500. This account offers high Certificate type rates without early withdrawal penalties. Members may make deposits over the counter, through ACH, and/or through online or mobile banking. They may also make withdrawals over the counter. A $2.00 service fee applies if month end balance falls below $1,000. Dividends are earned daily and paid monthly. The rate of interest received is tied to your average balance for the month.

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Certificates earn dividends that are higher than regular savings vehicles and are based on the opening balance and term invested. We offer numerous minimum balance options and maturity choices for Certificate purchasers.

A minimum deposit of $500 is required to open any certificate and terms range from 91 days to 60 months. For Jumbo Certificates rates, call (800) 865-2612.

1APY = annual percentage yield.

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Individual Retirement Accounts

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is an excellent way to supplement your retirement funds. If you work and are under age 70 ½, and have earned income, whether or not you have another retirement plan coverage, you can open an IRA.

Members can purchase Certificates with IRA deposits at competitive rates; the longer the term, the better the rate. Hoosier Hills Credit Union offers Traditional, Roth, Educational, Certificates and Money Market IRA's. IRA accounts are also available through the Credit Union's brokerage service, Hoosier Hills Investments.

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