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Hoosier Hills Credit Union offers a variety of business loans to meet your expanding business' needs. Getting a loan for your business may seem overwhelming, but we're here to be your guide. We will walk you through the paperwork process and simplify your lending experience. Contact us to learn more.

Agricultural Lending

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff of agricultural lenders stand ready to provide financial services to any sized farming operation. With excellent service and helpful advice regarding the rapidly changing landscape of agricultural finance, we specialize in finding solutions tailored to individual situations.
Talk to us about acquiring or refinancing, production loans, purchasing capital equipment or livestock, or making improvements.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Finance new or existing commercial real estate.

Line of Credit

Allows you to ensure funds are readily available at your request. Establish a Line of Credit for current and future needs and withdraw funds as you need them. Lines of Credit are excellent for businesses that experience seasonal fluctuation.

Term Loans

Term Loans allow you to amortize the principal and interest over a period of time and help keep you in control of your payments

Business VISA® Credit Card

Business customers enjoy the ease of using corporate credit cards instead of asking employees to use their personal credit cards for business purposes.
With a VISA® Business Credit Card, your employees use a credit card that names the business and the employee(s) as authorized user(s). Record-keeping and efficiency improves for your accounts payable department, and employees appreciate not having their personal credit cards used for business purposes. Learn More.

Other Business Loans Offered:

  • School Bus Loans
  • Standby Letters of Credit

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