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  • Scheduled Maintenance, click here for dates.
  • 9.28.16 - Manage your Visa Account
  • 6.27.16 - New Debit EMV Cards - Over the next 10 months members who have not received their debit EMV chip card will be getting one in the mail. The debit EMV chip card uses information programmed into the chip which is personalized for your account, and each transaction is unique, adding a new safegaurd against fraud. For more information, please click here.
  • 6.27.16 - Smooth Travels - If you will be traveling to another country and will be using your HHCU Debit or Credit Card, please let us know before you go! Your card will typically be blocked from foreign usage, unless we know ahead of time to unblock it for where you will be traveling. There is a simple form for each cardholder to complete and sign. Completing the form prior to leaving will make your trip go much more smoothly! If you have questions, call us at 800-865-2612.
  • 6.8.16 - West-Side Construction

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